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It is probable that some madman has approached your cave just to shout: UNDERTALE TORRENT IS HOSTIA! And at best, you will have finished it, you will have seen all possible endings and now you spend the days elaborating theories and drawing fanart.

So much I fear that in this analysis I will not tell you anything new. Yes, Undertale is the host. Yes, it is a must have. Yes, it is one of the best games of 2015. And yes, we are stupid for not paying attention when we should. But as my grandmother says , better late than without analysis of Undertale , and more stupid would be if we did not give him the minimum attention he deserves … five months late.


Story of the depths

On his page, Toby describes Undertale as a “traditional role-playing game where nobody has to get hurt.” And the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that  Undertale has RPG the same as I am funny. At first sight, it seems: it has exploration, puzzles, NPCs, shops, objects, random combats … But leaving the surface behind and penetrating its depths, you will realize that it is much more. It is unique and incomparable.

To begin with, the whole RPG facet is actually a parody of the genre. Undertake takes classic concepts from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest of the 16-bit era and takes them to the extreme … with trumps results. For example: imagine that we come to a new city and see a store. The normal thing in any RPG would be to get closer to buying new weapons and, incidentally, to sell those that have become obsolete. But this is Undertale :


And not just concepts: it also dares to parody memorable scenes, as, for example, one of the most remembered of Final Fantasy VI  (the best Final Fantasy of all time). The normal thing would be to kindly invite me to visit the wastebasket to anyone who mocks my favorite ” Final “, but the situation that takes place in  Undertale  is so …theatrical , that I had no choice but to leave my voice out loud.

There is no doubt that the sense of humor is one of its strengths. Toby Fox perfectly dominates the language of the Internet and demonstrates it with descriptions, dialogues and situations that would give joy to any addict to Tumblr :  there are cats, there are dogs (especially dogs), there are characters obsessed with the anime, there are Some other meme and demolition of the fourth, fifth and twenty-first wall.

Undertale distills surrealism on all four sides, and that reminded me of  But what?Damn dog, get out of here! Where was he going? Ah, yes, it reminded me of the animated series that have been so successful lately: Stories Currents, Rick and Morty, Time for Adventures, etc.


This makes it worthwhile to stop to inspect each element of the stage and talk to each character … At least twice! (As in any RPG, the difference is that here is done by laughter). In short, Undertale  has to enjoy without haste but with pause; It is easy to overlook all these details if we simply focus on advancing, and it would be a shame to do so because there are pearls hidden even in the most insignificant poster.

It is even worth revisiting old areas to see how the characters we met hours ago react to the latest events. That yes, to catch all the graces and references requires a certain mastery of the language of Shakespeare. Luckily, Undertale in Spanish could be a reality soon thanks to the Undertale guys .

And speaking of characters … GO CHARACTERS. In general terms, Undertale does not stand out for its visual section, but with just a few pixels its characters have made me feel more emotions than many heroes modeled with the most advanced motion capture technology. It’s going to sound like an exaggeration, but I think it has  one of the most charismatic cast ever seen in a video game. They are all unique and have something that makes them special and unforgettable, something that stays burned and that even after some time without playing, keep them remembering with a smile … like some old friends.


And then, well, there’s Papyrus.




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Bullet-Based combat

But not only main characters live Undertale torrent : the enemies we face are also unique, and this is reflected in the combat system. We have the typical options of any RPG, like attacking and using objects, but also two commands that are the mark of the house: ‘Acting’ and ‘Compassion’. With the first we carry out all kinds of actions: from telling a joke to caressing, ignoring or boasting of muscles. Depending on the enemy we will have one or the other, and all are aimed at gaining their trust.

The key is to  carefully examine the enemies to know how to act: a monster is crying? Touch to console him. Does he tell us a joke? For it will be necessary to laugh the grace (although it does not have it). But do not think that this is “psychologist simulator 2015”; Each monster is special and with some the most obvious option may not be the correct one … Once you have gained your trust, the command ‘Compassion’ comes into play , with which we forgive your life. In this way the combat ends without victims … And without EXP for us with which to increase our LV.


As if this were not quite original and interesting, random battles have even more ketchup to express. In fact, when I think of random battles, I can not help but remember caves where it was impossible for me to take a step without finding a @ $% € & Zubat. In Undertale , however, they are never tedious because there are the just and necessary: ​​neither abound nor scarce. And last but not least, there is the issue of enemy attacks.

When the enemy attacks, Underta becomes a … The truth is that calling it Bullet Hell seems to me quite unfair, because at first glance it seems, the enormous variety of situations makes it impossible to compare it with anything that has been seen . Each monster attacks with a pattern of “bullets” that you have to dodge, and when several enemies match, your bosses add up to make the thing more complicated.


And that’s not to mention the final bosses, which is where the originality of this concept is exploited to unsuspected limits, merging with the narrative to give rise to unforgettable moments: platform, rhythm games … Everything is possible.

I would like to continue using bombastic words so that it is clearer than water how much I liked the combat system, but I will end up releasing some spoiler and the best thing is that you discover it yourself (mental note: what else will give, if Has already passed Undertale to the pointer).






An unforgettable tale about the value of friendship, forgiveness and the consequences of our actions, narrated with a brilliant sense of humor. It is not the best game in history, but you will not find another with more SOUL.





His ability to make you laugh or cry … of laughter. The soundtrack is an auditory orgasm.





It’s in English and not a game for everyone (specifically, heartless people).


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