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Train fever Game Review:


Now we have the option to do it with Train Fever Mods, developed by the small study Gambitious after a successful campaign of Kickstarter.

Train Fever Mods is clearly inspired by the classic 20 year old Transport Tycoon, the legendary game by Chris Sawyer that put us in charge of trains, buses, boats and planes. In turn, this was inspired by Sid Meyer’s fabulous rail management game, Railroad Tycoon. Train Fever takes over with more modern graphics and gameplay, however, we will see below how sometimes it makes it difficult to satisfy our management cravings and it can give us a little fever.

I want you to like Train Fever Mods. I want you to like it, because it has many ingredients that potentially make it tremendously addictive. There are times when time flies by, we do not realize and have spent a couple of hours, but there are many others where we must repress our anger after losing minutes and spend millions of dollars building a section of road that we can never end conflicts With the environment. Constructing tracks surrounding mountains and crossing rivers is usually one of the attractions of a game of this style. The bad thing is that the combination between it is not very clear the unevenness of the terrain due to a certain lack of contrast between the monotonous green of the stage,

Trying to build in urban areas is a nightmare, as the conflicts are constant. There is no possibility to update a station, for example, to add more platforms or to be longer, without having to destroy it before. If it is between houses and roads, the task can be really expensive, if at all. In addition, whenever I have “expanded” stations in this way, there has been a huge penalty in terms of passenger or freight traffic.

Remove one of the branches from a detour? You can not and you have to eliminate everything.

If it were not because I’m a fan of this type of video games just like the first few hours. The game begins in the year 1850, with its early steam engines and bodies. For many years we will be limited by the limited variety of locomotives or vehicles, but if we are patient things become more interesting in the twentieth century, where the number and type of machines increases considerably and new features such as electric or diesel engines appear. Consequently we can choose to install catanarias or high speed roads.


train fever mods railway track

Another major source of frustration with Train Fever Mods is the user interface . It really shows the lack of polish in the window system which is really antediluvian and poor looking. Although the appearance would not matter so much if it were not so tedious to do some of the most mundane tasks, which involve too many mouse clicks between windows. For example, we must send each of the vehicles to their respective terminal if we want to replace them to modernize them, which means finding the vehicle, wait for it to arrive at the terminal, click on the terminal, find the vehicle, sell it, buy another and assign it to the line. If we have a bus line with 10 vehicles, for example, This will take some time and we will have to do it from time to time since the vehicles have a limited life time. It is not clear to me what the effect is if we do not change them, because in those trains or buses that I have left running more than 10 years after its expiration I have not seen anything strange. But there is probably some kind of penalty.

In that sense more detailed information and statistics are missing, such as the number of passengers transported over time in each line and other elements that can help to realize when things are bad or what are the trends. In Train Fever Mods, the special meter is a balance for each vehicle or line, where we can see the result of the difference between expenses and revenues in real time.

There is a simple system of industry, where sending loads of iron, coal, oil or wood to their respective processing plants we will generate goods that the industrial zones of the populations need. This is always a good incentive to try to get the most productive logistics chain. With the lack of help, it took me quite some time to understand how to improve production, spending a lot of money on trying with trains waiting for loading at the stations.

And it is that having trains, buses or trucks that do not work optimally can be expensive. Unlike Railroad Tycoon, for example, it is not possible to change wagons at stations. For this we must send the machine to its terminal and buy or sell the wagons. This makes us generally opt for several specialized trains, since to circulate trains without load goes quite expensive. Like locomotives, wagons also age and must be changed over the years. However, it is difficult to know at a glance what is the life expectancy of each of our wagons since the number that is only shown is the age of the train, being the age of the oldest of its components.

In many of these games, an interesting incentive is the possibility of competing against rival companies for passengers and resources, something that forces us to make decisions in a more strategic way. In Train Fever we do not have any of this, it’s simply a sandbox mode to play at our pace without having to worry about a rival reaching the same fate as us. Nor is there a global economy with recessions or boom times, as well as anything that goes beyond the management of lines and routes. Unlike Cities in Motion, we should not worry about ticket zones and costs, or promotions.

However, with all its hits, Train Fever Mods has a lot of potential and, at first glance, looks great, especially at short distances. If you like trains like me, you can spend some time admiring the train going from one side to another, or following a streetcar. We see how they have taken care of passersby and possible passengers, who walk down the street, or go in their cars to their destinations (which we can find out with a few clicks). In the middle distance, it seems that we are looking at a model of railways, with its trains of careful details. That if, at greater distances the world is rather monotonous and lacks details, in what is basically a green extension with some people scattered randomly.

The good thing about such a big world is that the scale allows to build huge, more realistic stations, and long trains that will go by slender ways designed to achieve the highest speed.


Train Fever Mods has a lot of potential but it arrives somewhat unbalanced, with some of its aspects worked to the last detail like passengers or goods accumulating in the station when we extended the map and others left of side as the interface. With a great lack of polish, Train Fever Mods gives the sensation of being more an intermediate stage of development than a final product.


train fever mods City


We consoled ourselves with:

  • Size of maps.
  • Variety and design of vehicles.
  • When we finally complete a line.

We are disconsolate with:

  • Conflicts in laying roads can lead to disarray.
  • A graphical interface that ends up being tedious.
  • It looks like an end product.


  • Development: Gambitious
  • Distribution: Gambitious
  • Released: 09/04/2014
  • Language: English

Train Fever

Release Date: September
4, 2014


Also available for: 
Mac   Linux


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