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Frontier Developments brings us a complete spiritual sequel to RollerCoaster Tycoon.


Surely many players remember Theme Park as their first game of simulation and management. They were probably not fond of the genre – and did not even know they were – but the theme of controlling an amusement park was very appealing to an audience of all ages. Later came the RollerCoaster Tycoon – the most recent, RollerCoaster Tycoon World , has not been well received by the community – and the genre found in mobile phones a new medium to evolve with the microtransaction system.


It’s created by the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 team or Zoo Tycoon , and will enthuse anyone who wants to build their own Disneyland from the very first stone to become a real family entertainment empire . That, or fail loudly with a fair booth that would not liven up even the most tatty town parties.

There are three main modes of Planet Coasterrace, creation and challenge. Before you get down to work you should take a look at the video tutorials to know the general operation. Perhaps this is one of the weaknesses of the title, the absence of a more guided learning mode within the game, but it is intuitive enough and easy to learn even for a novice in this type of simulator . In a short time you should dominate your organization by tabs and information panels.

The race mode consists of unlocking new tests by raising the level, a value that is achieved by accumulating stars – objectives fulfilled. This means that it is not completely necessary to get the three stars of the first stage to advance to a new challenge , but clearly it is advisable to do well in the most affordable exercises because you will need many stars to progress in the final straight when it becomes more demanding.


planet coaster torrent download free


These goals usually ask for a specific number of visitors and the construction of certain attractions, but there are many missions and they vary according to the type of environment. For example, the block based on a fairy tale park – the most cursi – values ​​much more the decoration and special effects than the missions in the pirate area, so not only must you amuse your audience and offer enough facilities, You should spend your precious money on more aesthetic objects.

The first tests of the Planet Coaster race mode are quite affordable, but gradually deepened in the complexity of this manager and with it, its true potential. We constantly receive requests from the public, complaints that we should listen to improve our valuation as a park and to attract more people to this area – which will bring even more control problems. Few attractions? Build more, plan new developments and redesign the map. Queues on the park’s favorite roller coaster? Customers thirsty and hungry? Too much dirt? Do you need a mechanic to check security? Visitors always have complaints!

The extension of the terrain is great and it will be necessary to properly place each building, with its entrance and exit corridor, deformation of terrain, thematic ornaments, vegetation, events, entertainers embedded in a mascot costume. You can create your attractions or edit multiple aspects of those presets, including ambient music. All this is taken into account for the satisfaction of our customers, and you can focus your park for a more adult audience with strong feelings or for children, with merry-go-rounds and less lively fairs.

Steam Workshop

In the short time that is available, you can find incredible creations ready to download, from small shops to complete roller coasters. The interesting thing is to create your own content, but if you are not willing to invest so much time and effort, do not forget to take a look at the community.

Whatever you choose, it is important to keep the economy under control so you do not spend the savings on the dumb, because then it is very difficult to recover from a bad decision. Part of the fun of this simulator is to experiment, as it is difficult to predict people’s tastes. To do so, there are enough options with statistics that will help you decide which aspects to boost and investigate, which should raise prices – without scaring the public – and which areas are overloaded with people to build better connections or balance distribution. Something we liked and a lot is that it is a very visual game, and the time looking at menus is minimal ; Much information is gained simply by looking at life in the park and masses of people.

The challenge mode is similar to the creation mode – in both we started from zero – but with an important difference: in the challenges there are financial restrictions, difficulty adjustment and tasks that will raise us new goals to achieve . In addition, you have at your disposal the attractions and parks built by the community, which allows even the most manazas, can expand their parks with new attractions. The creation mode is more oriented to test designs and to learn the bases of Planet Coaster , whereas in challenge there is balance between economy and edition.

These three modes are not overly original options but cover all tastes, either unleash your imagination without limits or the demand and responsibility of keeping a business afloat. It is true that as far as management Planet Coaster is not the most complete game, and you can even miss some kind of unexpected problem – there is no security body, for example -. It is possible that the developer will expand this in the future, there is scope to expand environments and themes, however it must be said that the soul of the game is in the tools of construction.

It is a playful game and the most elaborate parks are a real world in miniature that you can observe in all its complexity or almost in detail with a camera close to the action. Of course the beauty depends a lot on the park you design, but it has good effects for water and changes of lighting according to the passage of the hours – not so weather or seasons, which would be a good extra. In essence Planet Coaster is a Theme Park empowered with much more flexibility to create the park as you wish , and with an unbeatable look for the genre of simulation.


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While the economic management part does not differ too much from what we have seen in other titles of the genre, and there are even more elaborate alternatives in this area, the possibilities of your intuitive publisher are endless. Planet Coaster is the dream of every fan to make constructions with pieces of Lego or Minecraft in a living world, detailed and in constant growth. Feeling uninspired? Steam Works is your friend; there are already lots of roller coasters ready to be added to your park. Creativity is not your excuse.

Planet Coaster is a must for restless minds with any level of skillRollercoaster Tycoon is not dead, just changed its name.

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