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  • Convert your PDFs to any type of Microsoft Office file;Including Power Point.
  • Expanded editing tools make it even easier to review and collaborate.
  • Transform PDF emails with ourMicrosoft Outlook plug-in.





Nitro Pro 9 is the best version of Nitro PDF to date, with a more modern interface in the style of Microsoft.

Microsoft Style Interface


Nitro Pro 9 comes with a Microsoft-style interface, as if it were a version of office 13, a way for users to learn how to use it easily.


New Functions Nitro Pro 9


Nitro Cloud


Sign, share and save documents directly in the cloud so you can collaborate easily with anyone anywhere.

Nitro Pro 9 lets you start workflows in the cloud with just one click. Collaborate with anyone located elsewhere (even if Nitro is not available).


Sign and Protect

Add electronic signatures instantly, protect your data with wording and erasure and create levels of permissions and passwords.

Add electronic signatures

QuickSign ™ allows you to electronically sign and return documents in a few seconds. In addition, you can add certifiable digital signatures to workflows with simple profiles in a single click. Nitro Pro 9  now allows you to sign with software and electronic signature device Topaz.

Safely hide data

Permanently erase or erase sensitive data and images and hidden data. ‘Find and Compose’ allows you to find instances of a word, phrase or number and delete them quickly (individually or globally).

Set passwords and permissions

Restrict and control individual user permissions to access your PDFs. Add secure passwords to help prevent unauthorized copying, editing, extraction, and printing of your document.

Use certificates and encryption

Nitro Pro 256-bit AES standard encryption is for military use. Certificate security allows you to define access levels for colleagues, customers, and partners so you can share and monitor your documents with greater speed and accuracy.


Create and Convert

Nitro Pro 9 enables you to create professional-quality PDF documents that you can view around the world with any PDF reader on virtually any device.

New! Visual file combination

Get a preview of the format of your file before creating the PDF.

Review content creatively and professionally using your favorite programs.  Nitro Pro 9 allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel and PowerPoint files , or create PDF files directly from Office.

New! Outlook plug-in

Convert files from your email client directly to PDF.


Edit and OCR


Your PDF files are fully editable , including images, paragraphs and pages . The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically converts your scanned paper documents in “live” digital documents.



Review and Collaborate


Nitro Pro 9 makes it easy to share, tag and review documents with a wide variety of tools and full version control.

Write down and leave comments

Add tags and comments to your documents using various Acrobat compatible tools and other widely used programs. Combine comments and notes from all users into a single PDF file.

Sealing documents

Seal your PDFs as if it were a rubber stamp in a paper document. Use our predefined stamp palette, create your own stamps, or choose a custom image to apply to your documents.

Add links and attachments

Create interactive documents by adding active and clickable links or embedding any type of electronic file, including Word documents, presentations, images, etc.

Take action

Measure distances, perimeters and areas in your PDF document. Find distances on projects, plans and CAD files (computer aided design) before sending them to the printer.

Compare PDF files

Easily find discrepancies by comparing two versions of a file. Quickly analyze differences to save time and avoid unnecessary steps in your review process.


Nitro Pro 9 will change the way you work, both alone and with your colleagues. Start working better with Nitro Pro 9 now!


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