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Planescape Torment


With this you will arrive at the most full places of monsters that you have found and you will have to face all of them, to download Planescape Torment full Crack what you have to do is search the game with the link that connects you to the servers for direct downloading of files that have it available, including the best of all is Mega and there the download is very simple since its interface is Thought to make the task easier for its users.Download is Free and as this belongs to our list of Games in Spanish there will be many hours of fun that you will have with him and without complications because you can enjoy it in your favorite language.

Planescape Torment description

Planescape Torment is a game that will make you remember classic and traditional, this is 1999 and contains everything you like in a role-playing game, you will find any variety of monsters, a good description of each one, and The way to face them, there is a lot of content in this independent game for PC that since its launch has had the best reviews and that is why we have it available today for you. It is set in the multiverse environment or campaign scenario of Planescape and consists of multiple planes of existence, the creatures that inhabit it and the properties of magic in each plane, this game is very wide and has a great atmosphere that you have to go, The graphics are not its strong but if dynamics is very attractive and that is what has kept it in time. Gender:

Planescape Torment Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 1.4 GHz
Memory RAM: 512 Megs of RAM
Graphics: 3D
compatible graphics card Storage: 5 Gigas available for installation



  1. Mount, burn or decompress ISO

    2. Install – This game does not require crack or serial for installation

    3. Play



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