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“A great civilization is not conquered from the outside until it destroys itself from within,”
W. Durant

At the present time, few publishers are as much in love and make as much party to History as Ubisoft, which has better exploited what a Jerusalem of the Second Crusade, a Renaissance Italy or a Paris of Terror can come to give Yes in the adventures genre with open mapping. On the other hand, with the Far Cry saga the thing was going through other directions, focusing on the present but giving that differentiating touch in the exoticism and vastness of the scenarios. But with the most recent, Far Cry Primal, Ubi has mixed both concepts, and keeps us in a scenario as immersive as exotic, but traveling 12,000 years in time to 10,000 BC. That is, in the Mesolithic, in the middle of the Stone Age. We are a warrior in battle with other factions as he attempts to rebuild his own tribe, the once great people. And in a few words, despite his amusement, Primal falls short on what could have been and remembers the previous ones too much. But let us not foretell events and begin with the beginning of everything.


“Wenja, our blood brothers”

On a plain at dusk, hunting gigantic woolly mammoths with only spears and arrows. So radical begins Far Cry Primal, in a much shorter prologue than others like the third installment, but similar in intentions, in sensations, making it clear that the playable base open world + crafting + FPS + infiltration (this time more marked Which in the previous installments) continues as it is, but with a radical change in that we are not going to have to worry about finding chargers or driving cars, but to collect what is necessary to make arrows with which to hunt at a distance, manguales Of silex with which to strike in the form of and to light the way, spears to cover the average distance.


As one of the most tanned warriors, our main mission once we reach the Valley of Oros is to rebuild the greatness that the Wenja once had, defeating the other two factions, raising a prosperous village and rescuing all those lost Wenja wandering By Oros and other territories of Mesolithic Central Europe. And this is basically the plot that Primal moves, which uses a narrative too scattered to tell us a very basic story – it’s not an easy-to-use setting, but given the supernatural elements it certainly lent itself to more – More definite plots that we saw in Far Cry 3 and 4. Yes, we have as great enemies the leaders of the Udam and Izila, just as crazy as Vaas Montenegro or Pagan Min, But not much to his height in terms of charisma. The secondary ones that accompany us are well profiled, they are very interesting – that warrior named Sayla who cuts off the ears of his fallen comrades and keeps them to speak to them – but they are very wasted.


Basically its task is to give us missions and teach us skills, to create potions, to tame the animals, to increase our vision of the Hunter – a kind of sight of the AC / vision Eagle of the Batman Arkham Detective that is too much abused Build weaponry and new hunting techniques like kill in silence. But in the world of Far Cry Primal, the missions soon become repetitive and the objectives are repeated too much – except in the missions of Tensay, the shaman who makes us the Lord of the Beasts, which are the most diverse. And the story mode is so because Ubisoft has decided to take a chance with Primal to boost the Survival side much more than the narrative side, so if you like that to collect, to build to maintain a village and to hunt and survive for pleasure / Need to do so, This Far Cry will charm you. But whoever comes looking for a more narrative and guided experience will find a title that bets more on the survival mechanics that are so taken in this generation. Of course, in terms of duration is very generous, since we talk about 14-15 hours only for the Campaign, which rises to 20 and more if we entertain with parallel sidequests and unlock, conquer and claim all territories of the map , Hunt for species, assault camps, explore caves or find all pedestals.


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Lord of the Beasts

We go straight to what you are concerned about, Gunplay and vehicles. Obviously, this is the Stone Age, and the firearms we use are not assault rifles or pistols, but a well-tensioned bow with grease burning on the tip or a flail with a sharp silex to hit and use at the same time of Torch. We can say that with the basic combination of mace, spear and bow – there is a great variety of weapons to create – they cover the specters of beating melee, medium distance and long distance respectively. It is not the same arc as a sniper rifle, but the pleasure of a good Headshot to the enemy is still present and rewarded, although certainly striking with the club becomes a machacabotones when we have the enemy above – care with the timing or beat in the air. Here each projectile used, Every mace worn, is lost. We must have the bag of materials – jigsaw, slate, hardwood – always full to be able to replenish the arrows, create more maces, because sincerely see in the middle of the night with two arrows, a club and no fat to create fire stalked by a Herd of wolves in the dark is something that guarantees defeat.

The environment becomes essential to use it – care north of the mapping, in the snowy part, that we even have indicator to die of cold -, since we can throw stones to distract – this sounds this mechanic? – to the human enemies and to hunt them By the back, or set fire to a plain-care, which burn to the trees and if we are on litter or grass that ignites can burn us-to corner some wolves or a tiger saber tooth and make it more difficult to hunt him to US. The whole map is our survival preserve, and most of what inhabits it wants to bite us, crush us, strain us or eat us, and if it’s night yet. As we say the element of Crafting or creation is pushed to the maximum, above the plot, so it is as important as combat. Hunt, collect, conquer, collect,


Undoubtedly the best of all its playability, the Beast system allows us to tame species as uneven as huge woolly mammoths, owls or wolves. Simply put a bait on them so that they fall into the trap and get close. And once mapped in our interface, the game grows exponentially, since it is not the same to assault a camp style Metal Gear Solid, armed with a knife and pulling pure and hard infiltration, to do so with owls throwing ‘bombs’, Black panthers running behind the enemies and mammoths crushing everything in a zoo delirium much crazier than the wildlife we ​​already saw in the previous Far Cry of the saga. Each has its ability: Badgers are resurrected, the leopard attacks targets automatically, the saber-toothed tiger is a fast and ferocious beast, And some will even creep in Stealth mode if they see us do it. But of all, the owl is the one that we will use the most, since it seems a bio-dron that we will use to recognize the land, to mark objectives and to way of aerial bomber-yes, as you hear it: Prehistoric Air Strikes with fire or even bees. With beasts like bears or mammoths the issue of transport is solved, since we will use them as vehicles and we will stop beating ourselves from one side to another – we have points of fast transport between zones, although using them miss random missions that arise by the way. Prehistoric Air Strikes with fire or even bees. With beasts like bears or mammoths the issue of transport is solved, since we will use them as vehicles and we will stop beating ourselves from one side to another – we have points of fast transport between zones, although using them miss random missions that arise by the way. Prehistoric Air Strikes with fire or even bees. With beasts like bears or mammoths the issue of transport is solved, since we will use them as vehicles and we will stop beating ourselves from one side to another – we have points of fast transport between zones, although using them miss random missions that arise by the way.


For those who still wonder if this is a Far Cry own or a pre-historic Mesolithic skin / DLC, certainly if you played the previous installments you will notice that the scheme is the same, only that enhanced here, diminished there. Instead of binoculars we have the owl, we can use stones, kill in command plan or even use a hook with rope to climb. It is a pure Far Cry in essence, one in which Ubisoft has risked in some elements, but in others it has tried to be too faithful, reason why the proposal is unbalanced and it is intuited that of having dared to go further and not To copy so many mechanics of FC 3 and 4, Primal would have been a more distinct and remarkable delivery. Unlike other deliveries, in Primal there is no multiplayer, there is no cooperative. It’s a title designed so Singleplayer,

The Valley of Oros

If something has never failed the series is to present scenarios superbly conceived from an artistic point of view. If the Himalayas of Pagan Min were already a constant visual pleasure, the prehistoric Europe of Takkar enters through the eyes although obviously it is not so varied as for the palette of colors for example. The design of the characters, costumes, their animations or the different animals and the amplitude of scenarios help us immerse ourselves in the environment, crowned by a day-night cycle in which when darkness falls we find pictures / moments as beautiful as dangerous. The use of the fire is the most achieved, although entering purely in the technical field, the used Dunia Engine loses gas and it is noticed that already takes several deliveries to the back,

But it is in the sound plane where Ubi Montreal gives the chest, as Far Cry Primal shines spectacularly. Like Mel Gibson in Apocalypto, the language the Wenja speak is a dialect we do not understand, and that their dubbing actors curry it when expressing the pattern of emotions that the plot needs. The sound effects, beginning with these flint-like stones of the logo, is one of the best audio mixes of the year, immersive as few considering the complexity of the animals and how it immerses us in the environment of the 10,000 BC. And in the BSO has fled exoticism in the instrumentalization heard in FC 4, opting for a score with a lot of percussion – it remembers the Planet of the Apes of Danny Elfman before that to the own 10.000BC of Harald Kloser –


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No firearms, no vehicles, and an almost anecdotal story. Is it worth Far Cry Primal? The question is complicated, because the game has its good and bad parts. As we say, it is a pure and hard FC in which gameplay, survival, have been strengthened more than before, although in return the plot is not much interest and missions, after a few hours and given their generous duration, become Repetitive. Ubisoft has not decided to take as far as possible this Far Cry more experimental, maintaining several patterns of the series, so the general feeling is that it is halfway to an exotic skin for FC and a delivery of The series truly different. However, as it is, it is a delivery that engages for things like your freedom when letting go of our air, Of feeling this time as authentic hunters, surviving, collecting, improving and not so much urbanites lost in the midst of exotic environments and revolutionary leaders, to which is added a system of tracking, taming and using beasts very funny. Basically it ‘s like the Mad Max that Avalanche debuted last year: It has an absolute immersive atmosphere, a huge mapping, and although it is not perfect and has several things to improve, it is certainly fun to play, although I wish I had taken more advantage of the New prehistoric atmosphere offered.

The best

  • Its ambience, spectacular and absolute
  • Jugibly conveys the total sensation of being hunters surviving in a hostile world of different and dangerous environments, like snowy areas that affect us
  • The Beast system, the best of the proposal
  • The great work in the sound section
  • The bet to take the series to a different terrain …



  • That does not end to take advantage and stays half-way
  • The plot, too scattered and devoid of interest, with wasted incidents and too soft enemies compared to Vaas or Pagan Min
  • Too much use and abuse of the Hunter’s Vision


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It fulfills the expectations of what is a good game, has quality and does not present serious failures, although it is missing elements that could have taken it to higher dimensions.



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